Eddie Barns Memorial Fund

Eddie Barnes

“Eddie was a very good English man; I have never met the same.  It’s hard to find someone like him”  T., a former detainee

Eddie Barns, Kent Refugee Help’s first caseworker, was a qualified solicitor. He worked tirelessly to assist people in detention and the community who were threatened with deportation.  He helped not only individuals but their families, who were also affected by the harsh immigration rules that separate and divide all of us.  Eddie touched hundreds of lives.  Following his death in March 2013, Kent Refugee Help set up a fund providing emergency cash help to our clients in Eddie’s name, ensuring we never forget his caring activism.  The majority of our clients, when released, are forbidden to work and depend on vouchers, thus excluding them from ordinary society.  Even the smallest cash payment can help to make someone feel part of the world again.