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KRH received this message from Rogan Productions, makers of the documentary series, The Refugee Diaries:

Dear friends,

I would like to share Rogan Productions’ latest online documentary series, The Refugee Diaries, with you. In this four part series we follow Thaer, a Syrian refugee,arriving and attempting to settle in the UK. Thaer fled civil war after his home was bombed. After a terrifying journey across Europe, and months in the Calais Jungle, he eventually made it to the UK. He dreams of restarting his studies that were cut off by the war. But first he has to navigate the challenges of being an asylum seeker and surviving on £35 per week. After six months of waiting, Thaer is eventually granted refugee status.

“People assume that once someone claims asylum it’s plain sailing and they’re looked after unconditionally. We knew from our extensive research talking to refugees first hand, as well as charities dealing with these situations, that this is far from the truth. To start with, the odds are stacked against refugees claiming asylum in the UK – most applications are rejected. Then if someone is accepted it’s hugely challenging to find accommodation, work, education – all basic things that we take for granted. So we wanted to show the reality of the experience of a refugee trying to start a new life in a foreign land.” – Jack Collins, Director of The Refugee Diaries

Produced by Katie Hindley and directed by Jack Collins, this series gets behind the news headlines to see a young man full of hopes and fears facing the surprising challenges the world has thrown at him.

For a second time The Refugee Diaries has been chosen by The Guardian as pick of the week: “In light of recent developments in the US, this documentary series following a young Syrian refugee is all the more pertinent. Its final instalment launches this week.”

The three first episodes are available to watch on BBC iplayer and on Youtube, episode four will be released this Thursday, 9th February. We will be hosting a screening on the 6th March at 7PM at the Human Rights Action Centre, strictly by invitation only. Please do let me know if you’d like to be invited!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

All the Best,

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For stills of the film, please contact me at or call 0203 735 4423.


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